Holiday Inn – September

Sunday 28th September saw the start of a new era for the band’s Barnsley winter season, with a new venue and a slightly new format. The authenic “jazz club” feel of the Scarlett Suite beneath the Holiday Inn at Dodworth sparked the interest of both new and familiar faces in the audience, all of which warmly welcomed the band to their new setting.

Barnsley MD Paul Dent led the band with a number of well-known classics from the band’s repertoire, with vocalist performances from Moyra, Jamie and Jordan. Despite Jamie feeling somewhat ‘under-the weather’, the band’s trademark comedy wasn’t in short supply.

Details of the band’s community fund campaign through Lloyd’s Bank were also announced, requesting for votes to obtain a grant of up to several thousand pound, to support our younger players in the Barnsley Youth Jazz Association. But as they say on the telly “The lines have closed so please don’t vote as they won’t be counted!”

Comments from the audience throughout the night praised the new venue and acoustic sound, along with the new 3-tier arrangement of the band on stage. The second performance of the season at Holiday Inn Barnsley will take place on Sunday 26th October from the new time of 7:30pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

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