New Website

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new all singing, all dancing (maybe not) but definitely all music Dearne Big Band and Singers website.

The plan is to keep this up to date with what we’re up to, where we’re playing plus some feedback  and thoughts about the concerts we’ve played. We hope you’ll find this interesting and that it will give you an insight into the band.

Also for those of you out there who are interested in booking the band there are some pages on the menu at the top of the web site to give you the history, the repertoire, a quick listen and a quick look as well as information about how you can contact us.

Cheers for now!

2 thoughts on “New Website”

    1. Hi, we’ll be at the Ivanhoe Centre in Doncaster on Sunday 19 April, if you manage to make it please make yourself known, ask for Andy or Chris. Cheers!

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